About Us

Receivership-Auctions.com is an auction website created by Burton W. Wiand, a Receiver appointed by the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida in a case brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission against an alleged ponzi scheme and certain principals of the scheme. Information about the Receivership is available at www.EquiAltReceivership.com. Mr. Wiand is using the website to liquidate assets of the receivership. Mr. Wiand is also the receiver in multiple other receiverships. The www.Receivership-Auctions.com will be used in the future to liquidate other personal and real assets that the receiver believes can be efficiently liquidated in the online and live-auction format provided by this website. This website may also be used by other Federal Equity Receivers to liquidate other assets of other receiverships. Questions regarding this auction should be directed to Mr. Wiand at 727-235-6769 or Burt@BurtonWWiandPA.com.